My Personal Portfolio -- Feedback Welcome!😁


My website: Sarah Roesler | Web Developer | Portfolio

Link to Github Repo: GitHub - sarahroesler/portfolio: portfolio website

I am still working on making it responsive for different screen types and I would like to add more Javascript interactivity, but I would love feedback in the meantime! Also I only had one project to display, so I linked it three times as a placeholder for future projects.

This project took me about 3 days to complete, and I am still working.

Thank you and happy coding! :grinning:

  • Perhaps rather thank “Skills” change it to “Core Technologies” and then break it down into “Programming Languages” and “Tools” (Git, VS, or any IDEs you use for example, etc.). What do you think?

  • Also, I would recommend not adding any links to your personal social media like FB, Instagram or Twitter (unless they are business/professional in nature). There needs to be a separation between work and private life. Plus, honestly, no potential employer wants to know where you went on vacation or what restaurant you went to last night, or worse, what bar you went to, etc.


Thats fair! Most professionals portfolio pages I’ve seen had their instagram linked so I figured it was alright, and I didnt like just having two Icons at the bottom I felt three looked better haha. But i definitely get what you mean I had thought about that.

Once I can add more languages/tools to my skillset I will definitely modify it thank you!

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Finally completed different screen views and added some animation.

So overall this took about 4 days.

Would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile: