My Personal Portfolio - Feedback Time!

Hello everyone! I’ve spent about 3 days developing my first portfolio website, although still there is some extra content missing that I still haven’t decided how to include. Anyhow, I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow coders in this path. Let me know about anything you think of the site!

My site:

The repo: GitHub - tadzio8425/

Welcome to the forums!

It looks great, I really like the design and the animations are really slick, well done! :clap:

The only thing I would note is that even on a fairly wide monitor, the projects section is way to wide and overflows the page, causing a horizontal scrollbar:

Your design is really pleasent, however there are some things to improve.
Menu items have little space in smaller screens. It would be better to turn it into icon.
Vertical paddings in about me and projects sections could be bigger.
Best wishes. :grinning: