My Personal Porfolio

Give me a feedback about my protfolio project. I know I have to improve so feedback is welcome. In a future I would like to add some new features but for know it’s a good base to keep learning.

website: Portfolio project

Hi Jose, your website looks amazing, I very like the layout and the colors you picked, such a great match.
I started CSS today so I am not an expert to give you any valuable feedback but as an internet user it would be nice to have the nav bar float on the top of each page so I don’t have to scroll all the up to find the nav bar, don’t get me wrong the scrolling function is very handy too :slight_smile:

happy coding!

Thank you Dan for the feedback. I agree with you about de nav bar. The UX would be better with the nav bar fixed at top or maby a go to top button.

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Responsive: 10/10

Design - I recommend using an h2 for your subheadings - About, Projects, Skills. Just a friendly suggestion.

How long have you been coding?

Thank you por the feedback. I agree with that, but I put an h1 on my name in the nav and h2 to the text “I’m a
Frontend engineer”. I think this one could be just a span and as you recommend the sections title an h2.

I’ve been coding this course of frontend since may 22

Looks really good, i like the color scheme you choose, also small hover effects looks very quality.