My own 'Mixed Messages' flavor: your friendly animal

Being really honest, at first I thought this was going to take me like 5 minutes, but once I got myself doing all the steps, planning for it, analyzing what pieces of data to use, what data types, etc., it turned out to take me a number of hours. :slight_smile: So I would say it was somehow easy, but not extremely so.

And even though I think I’ve achieved what was asked in the project, I still thought of some additional ideas that I’d like to work on later (added them to the README to avoid forgetting them) when I know better how to implement them.

I definitely enjoyed both the project and the fact it was my first portfolio project!! Of course I’ll have to keep working on it later to really make it count as such, but isn’t that cool?

This is the link

Looking forward to learning more and being able to improve it, but also of course, to any constructive feedback here in the forums.