My own family's search engine

class Search(object):
  def __init__(self, name, age): = name
    self.age  = age
  def search_result(self):
    print '%s is %s years old.' % (, self.age)
hudson = Search('Hudson', 10)
weston = Search('Weston', 13)
colton = Search('Colton', 15)
search = raw_input('Who do you want to search? ')

‘’‘So I am trying to make it so the result of the raw_input variable will access the search_result based on the answer, so you do not have to type search_result(weston). Please help!’’’

  • a curious programer


what value does the class have here? I am very confused by this starting code you provided, i think i would do it very differently

does it need to be able to search for name or age? Or both?


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