My own database

Hey Guys, it’s not really matching the exercise, but I’m currently trying to migrate one of my databases to a new, better version, which happens to be kinda like this exercise
So the code down below doesn’t work, it’s meant to put values from the old table to the new table, for some reason I get the error message:"#1054 - Unkown Tabelfield ‘survey.person_id’ in field list"
Even tho it’s 100% in there, what am I doing wrong :confused: ? (survey is the old table in the same database, survey_ptbs is the new one)

SELECT * FROM `survey`;
INSERT INTO `survey_ptbs`(survey_ptbs.person_id, survey_ptbs.intrusion, survey_ptbs.avoidance, survey_ptbs.hyperarousal, survey_ptbs.diagnosis, survey_ptbs.date_fill)
VALUES (survey.person_id, survey.intrusion, survey.avoidance, survey.hyperarousal, survey.diagnosis, survey.date_fill); 

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