My own code

anybody know how to go around and make sure the 2nd if statement executes and tells them they have won the game instead of executing the else statement and saying "Go home

eft_or_right = input("First choice... Left or Right(type Left/Right) ")
  #This is for the left side route
  if (left_or_right == "left"):
    ans = input("You have entered Piper... Do you go to the park or go to the 500s? (park/500s)  ")
    if ans == "park":
      print("Time to go see el elotero")
    input("You have the choice of getting a elote or pickle? ")
  if ans == "pickle":
      print("Youre the king of piper and have won the game")

print("Go home"

This code looks like parts are missing. Can you give us all your code? Also, don’t forget to format code correctly: [How to] Format code in posts