My own code

I am having trouble with my elif statement not printing the write answer for example maddie is suppose to say “hows gymnastics going” but it doesnt execute and runs the else statement at the end

[codebyte language=python]

name = input("What is your name? ")

name = name.lower()

if (name == “esha”):

print(“Hello Esha! I have been expecting you”)

elif(name == “rachel”):

print (“Hi Rachel! The pizza was cold at the formal:(”)

elif(name == “mixi”):

print(“Hi Mixi! Avada Kadavra haha”)

elif(name == “Maddie”):

print(“Hey hows gymnastics going?”)

elif(name == “Jani”):

print("I miss the mountains ")


print(“Hello " + name +”!")

age = int(input("What is your age? "))

In your elif’s maddie and jani both lead with capitals.