My NLP portfolio project

Hello everyone,

I guess I’ll be the first person to post my project here? I finished this one up a little bit ago, but am now feeling brave enough to post it to the forums. Here is my take on the NLP portfolio project:

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Wow! Your project looks amazing. I love your use of Jupyter Notebooks to break up the code and break it down within the portfolio. What an interesting way to utilize such a unique tool.

Your in depth analysis and insights inspired me to go even further with my project. I’m surprised at how much you were able to get out of this project and I have no doubt that this will serve your portfolio well.

Thanks for sharing such a well done project. Seeing efforts like this only make me want to double down on my work.

Best of luck with your NLP journey!

Thanks for your kind words, eaespie! I’m glad my analysis inspired you to go even further with your project. Best of luck with your NLP journey as well!