My Nintendo Switch Library Games recommendation software

In this project I decided to do a software that recommends games from my own Nintendo Switch library based on selected categories.

In this project I implemented a lot of the lessons learnt in CS102 - Data Structures & Algorithms. I used a Trie as my search algorithm.

I hope you like it and welcome all feedback, the more brutal, the better :smiley:

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Wow I love what you did with presenting your information. Everything is colour coded, centered and very legible. Wish I knew more about Trie and Trie Nodes to comment on your actual code. Amazing job

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Hey Gabe!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my project and for your kind words, I really appreciate it! :blush:

Tries are pretty cool. You can essentially store data in each node in the tree, so the way I used it in this case was to store each of the words in the categories I had letter by letter. So if you have a few words (Iโ€™ll make some up) it would get stored like a tree something like so:

Type โ€œacโ€ for example, it would return anything thatโ€™s under a โ†’ c โ†’ in this case, โ€œactโ€ and โ€œaccโ€ will be returned.

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