My Next Vacation - Mixed Messages Project

Hi all,

I have completed the Mixed Messages portfolio project. I decided to give my random message generator a travel theme - having missed out on travel this year - so my program will give me a suggested vacation to take in 2021!

Here is the link to my project: - I would welcome any feedback on the code e.g. if there’s anything I could improve on. You’ll see the test data is quite small, so at a later date I may include more options, so that there are way more possible combinations :slight_smile:

The project took me one evening to complete. This included time I needed to review some JavaScript again, as I completed these learning modules back in October. Also, as I got a little carried away writing the code, I forgot to implement the Git version control (which was a requirement of the project). So I only made one commit in the end - however if I make any future changes to the project, I will create a new branch then merge etc, as I do need to practise this.

Thank you!

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