My New Website Project

hi there.

I am creating my very first project in HTML/CSS/JS. Can anyone please let me know where is the best and most affordable place to host my website?

That will really help.


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Hmm, I haven’t deployed my first project for my Portfolio website just yet but I’ve heard that Netlify and Github Pages are free ways to host your work!
There are probably a lot more out there too, let me know which one you end up choosing when you do find a good host. :smiley:


Hey! Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know that GitHub has Github Pages. I already subscribe to GitHub. That means no extra fees! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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This is my first website project. I am going to make a website for my company DreamWattz. I will update this thread as I progress. Now, I have to learn HTML/CSS/JS through my Full Stack Engineer career path. Excited!


For my website, I’ll be working on my business website. This will be a place for me to update everyone about the progress of it. I might need feedback when the time comes that I publish it. Thanks everyone! :innocent:

I’m going to learn up HTML, CSS and JavaScript first before I take on this project. It’s going to be funnnn :sunglasses:

good luck in your journey.

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On second thought, I won’t be working on my business website. But my personal website. Makes more sense that way…