My new portfolio blog website

Greetings friends.
I started learning to code on codecademy back in 2019 and one of my first projects was my personal website, now I’ve just created a new one. I would love to know what you think about the website. all opinions are welcome :v:

PS: The website was created using: react, node, express.js, bootstrap, particles.js, Sass, and many more…



Hey @emanuelgf
This project is so cool! I’ve only Really been on Codecademy since December of 2020. I hope one day my skills are as good as yours! If you get a chance I’m looking to get feedback on my portfolio site. :v:


Thank you so much for the appreciation! :grinning:

Your personal page looks great! I’m sure it will look even better in the future just continue learning and making improvements.
(FYC) Since you are already on GitHub I would suggest for you to try making some contributions to other projects. I started open source contributions just now and wished I did start earlier. It’s a great way to learn a lot and to get real experience. And I also recently got a job interview based on my GitHub profile activity! Contributions to other projects can show possible employers you can work well with other people and really now your stuff. In fact they can see your code avoiding the need for interviews to test your knowledge.
Thanks again for your review.

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Thanks, for the reccomendataion! That’s something I’ve been meaning to do!

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Great job. One very minor thing I noticed is a typo in the about section. ‘I really enjoy the community and colaboration around software creation.’ It should be collaboration with two l’s. I love the creativity of your portfolio site. One day I’ll make a creative one, the one I have now is pretty basic and doesn’t stand out like yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Thank you so much for your review and appreciation !!
Glad you spotted the error. Will fix it right away :smiley:
Keep up coding and I’m sure you will have a beautiful website very soon :wink: Don’t forget to share it with us.