My mixed messages: Random wanted ads! Please check it out :)

Hello everyone,
I’ve completed the mixed messages project and kept it pretty simple, but FUN!
Here is the link: GitHub - 1834920/git_practice
It’s a public repository, so in theory, you should be able to view it. If not, please let me know.

My take on the project is to generate random wanted adds, such as:
Wanted: Phone repair mechanic. In possession of dry-erase pens. Good at keeping children quiet. Call Joe @ 555-123 4567.

I’d love it if you could check it out and propose ways to make it more sophisticated. For example, one of the hints in the assignment was to create objects, which I did not do at all.

The way I did this assignment made it very easy. I finished it in about a half hour, whereas most other challenges take me a day or more. In that sense, it was just right, because it made me feel competent.

I definitely enjoyed doing this. Actually, I recreated a game I used play as a kid. We had a box of cards in three colors with the type of information that I programmed into the arrays. We combined the cards to create wacky job descriptions. It always made me laugh, just like this program.

Here are a few more :joy::
Wanted: Computer programmer. In possession of dog leashes. Good at caring for plants. Call Joe @ 555-123 4567.
Wanted: Interior decorator. In possession of sharp eyes. Good at devising crazy stories. Call Joe @ 555-123 4567.
Wanted: Train conductor. In possession of dry-erase pens. Good at singing background vocals. Call Joe @ 555-123 4567.

(25% into the full-stack engineer path)

Thanks to @tomofromearth, I have made a bunch of updates that make the random messages easier to see. Click here: Random Help Wanted

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