My Mixed Messages Project - A DND Character Generator

Hi all! I just finished my Mixed Messages Project. I decided to take the concept and run with an idea that I’ve had since the early days of learning JavaScript, so I created a random character generator for DND! I have more ideas to make this even better, maybe something that would help my DM at the table!

To me the courses leading up to this made this project fairly easy. I have also been applying what I’ve been learning to my day job though by creating custom Discord bots for clients, so I may have some “on the ground” experience that made it a little easier. Still, it took me around 6 hours of dedicated time to complete.

Here’s the link to my github repo - GitHub - rjarmon/CharacterGenerator: Use this application to generate random playable or non-playable characters for D&D campaigns. Take the character as generated and put them in a game or use it as a source of inspiration to craft the perfect character for the right setting or situation.

I would appreciate any feedback you may have. I’m pretty sure there are easier/more efficient ways to do some of the things I’m doing in my application and I’m eager to learn what they are so I can avoid bad habits by committing the good ones to memory!

Thanks in advance!



This is awesome, love it! Congrats :tada:

The only minor thing I would suggest is at the moment you have this:

    var diceRolls = [];

To create the diceRolls array but in general, it’s best to avoid using var and use let or const instead as var can have some unintended consequences when it comes it scope.

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Thanks @rylovescoding for sharing your project, am looking for an idea to start my mixed messages project. I will use your project as an inspiration to start mine.

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Thanks for the feedback! I was concerned about updating the array and accessing it outside of the function, but I hear what you’re saying about potential issues with scope. I’ve updated it to const now. Thanks again!

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I’m glad to hear it and excited to see what you create! Best of luck!

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