My mistake or more bugs?!


This code is not working... Why is it not working?!
The "Save & Submit Code" botton never worked as well...I click on it and he just change into the engine wheel and stay there doing nothing at all. I thought this was some infinite loop but I can do everything else on the page just fine.
Can some kind of wizard tell me what I did wrong here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi molock,

strpos() only returns the position of the letter - if you want to print it, you'll have to use print/echo too. :slightly_smiling:


I also did it with print => print strpos("alex", "x"); and it was more of the same... Nothing happened.


Oh wait! After refreshing my page for the 100th time (I lost the count at 60... something) I pressed "Save & Sumbit Code" and finely the engine wheel moved and I passed to the next exercice... Finelly.


Yeah the server can be a little temperamental at times, unfortunately. Glad you got it working, though!