My Life Expectancy and GDP Project

I would have a nice if you could check my project.

Congrats on completing the project!

A couple things:

  • Make sure you use the keyword args, x & y when plotting variables (heed the warnings in your code output).

  • It’s a little difficult to see the color differences for years/GDP in some of your scatterplots. Color palette is something to consider when using Seaborn so people can see the differences in variables in your data.

If you ever want to change it, you can pass the palette parameter by using:
sns.histplot(x='species', hue='sex', multiple='dodge', palette='cool', data=penguins, shrink=0.8);

Or, set it at the top of your notebook if you want the same color palette throughout.

To see all the different palettes, just pass through anything in the palette= parameter and you’ll get an error with all the palette options. I do this often b/c I never remember all the color options. :

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