My JS project app is fresh from the oven

I debugged it, added some formatting, and tested it.
Looking for some tips, advice, critiques.

One gripe I have pertains to the functions module / arrow function lesson.
in the project video the instructor touched on ‘explicit’ & ‘implicit’ return statements / console.log
statements and the way to structure the code based on which method to use.
the module lesson did not touch on it at all I don’t think.

Paul’s JS app.

Your code looks nice and neat and easy to read.

I only found this part. Shouldn’t it be reversed in this case where actualSleepHours - idealSleepHours if the person has slept more than the ideal sleep time?

} else if (actualSleepHours > idealSleepHours) {

        console.log(`Paul got ${idealSleepHours - actualSleepHours} hours more sleep than needed.`);

Yes, I think you are right. the instructor in the project video touched on that but I forgot to make the change.