My journey starts here...where to go?

Hi all,

I’m super excited because I’ve finally taken up learning coding properly. Looking to change career so I can be at home more because I have a baby on the way, and I don’t want to miss them growing up.

I’ve always admired programmers and developers in the many times I have worked with them in my previous jobs (huge shout out to Jasper in Brighton for all of his advice over the years), but I was always on the client end. As a photographer with an engineering background, developing seems like a natural yet digital extension of these skills/interests.

I am wondering what direction to go in. I truly love a beautiful front-end design, but I know this is truly subjective. Off-line I would say my expertise would be with taking things apart and understanding how things work. So, my hunch is that back-end developing could be more my thing? And more importantly, it could be an area where I could impart more value to the world. Right now, with no experience, I have no idea. Is full-stack the way to go??

I’ve started the codecademy full-stack developer course and I’m reveling in being a complete noob and trying to learn as much as I can.

Any thoughts most welcome : ]


Hi Cal,
if you’re insecure whether you’d prefer backend or frontend programming I would definitively recommend that you proceed with the full stack path. The full stack path shares a lot of the content from the backend and frontend path. If you do a lesson that is also part of another path, it is checked off there, too.
So, if you get a clearer idea in which direction you want to go while proceeding in the full stack path, you can switch to one of the other paths with a good percentage of progress.


I don’t think the Full-stack dev course is a bad place to start. It covers a broad range of stuff so as you go through you may find aspects you’re more drawn to than others.
It will also give you an appreciation for fields you may need to interact with later on.

What I will say is that because it covers a broad range of stuff, it can feel like you’re just getting into something and then you change to something else. Or, something might not be quite clicking but that section is over and it’s on to something else.

So, don’t be afraid to stop and consolidate if you need to. The plus with self learning is you can take things at your own pace. If you want to explore something a bit more, brush up on something, you can.
You won’t get punished if half-way through if you decide to drop it because you’ve found an area that piques your interest, and you can always go back.

Have fun.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

This is really encouraging information and I really appreciate your quick replies.

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