My journey...From nothing to a coder

As a child, I was always interested in DIY-ing and brainstorming new ideas for prying my new toy apart and checking what’s inside, even though I understood very little of what is under the hood. But this was not just restricted to toys, as I started to grow out of my pants, my ambitions changed. Now I wanted to lay my hands on the newest gadget before anybody else- I wanted to learn all the tips and tricks, and test its limits.
While I was living life, my family was making other plans for me.
So I took up science in high school. But then I do not know what struck me and in place of computers, I went for biology. Fast forward to 2014, I completed my high school and figured I am not cut to become a doctor.
So I finally changed my specialization to computers and till date am sticking to it. But in India, a university does make you industry ready.
This is where Codecademy comes into the picture. It has taught me so much over a span of few months, which college could not teach me in 3 years. I even managed to crack a few interviews. But there are times when you lose interest or motivation and do not want to carry on with the preparation. The following site helped me stay motivated and on track.
I hope this helps you aswell.


Thanks for sharing your story with us. :slight_smile: Keep us posted on your progress!