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Not sure if I had introduced myself before now…

I have been in the public transit industry for over 10 years, off and on. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, earned in 2006 from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I pursued and earned it because the process was mainly a challenge to myself to prove that I could. Starting out, I had little interest in learning about technology, but through matriculation, I came to appreciate the complexness and intricacy of learning programming and data manipulation. All this to say, I had a difficult time during college, which is why I have not pursued a career in the tech world since 2006. Transit has always been my interest. My current occupation is a bus operator with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority.
Two and a half years ago, I enjoyed coming to work every day. Time flew by. Driving those huge machines around different parts of town to and through areas I would never get to explore on my own was FASCINATING. It still is fascinating, tho a lot less more so, as it becomes more difficult to sustain a living as a single person in a big metropolitan area with what the company, via contract, chooses to let me take home as income…and also, as dealing with the public and increasingly aggressive and careless drivers becomes more and more dangerous by the day, what I take home as income is not justifiable to me.
As such, I turn to my education to help me to build a larger skill set in order to pursue a more rewarding career path, possibly within the transit industry I apparently love so much, but just as possibly outside of it.
My biggest concern, during my matriculation, was that it was difficult to keep apace with the changing nature of programming languages as well as the many, many, many concepts behind each individual language. I see that concern has not subsided these days, but only become more complex. My aim is to latch on to at least one language and get those concepts ingrained, hoping the experience will translate to the other languages out there, hoping my efforts will lead to better access to more money in the near future. My biggest enemy is procrastination!! I must, and will try to, tell myself that I must continue with each course I take to the conclusion and not stop midway…and once that course is completed, after maybe a small break, to pursue another course…to its completion.
I am thankful to be living in an age where help, such as Codecademy, is readily available to take advantage of, even tho sometimes at a price I can scarce afford. To the younger coders/learners on here, it NEVER used to be this way! Run with it!..and help others. Don’t abandon the older set to their ways! Help bring them along!
Ultimately, I hope to gain and utilize a running knowledge of programming and data manipulation in the hope of creating bigger opportunities for access to more money to better live my life, and if I can help others in similar shoes, I am glad to do it!
Thanks so much for letting me introduce myself! I am sorry it was long, but I am going through a tough time these days and am determined to come out ahead!
Thank you!

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Welcome to Codecademy!
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