My Input Here, & Some Info for Beginners

Ok, I came here not knowing anything at all about programming.
After talking to some of the experienced users around the froum
I decided I would go ahead and learn Java as my first language.
At first, as expected it was all confusing. So restarting the lessons
and doing them over and over again finally started putting the
concept in my head. Also users all around the forum took plenty
of time out of there days to help me whenever needed. So thank
you all for playing a big role of what I have learned so far.

After a few days of going over the complete Java lesson I really
started understand at least fundamentals of Java. So I asked
myself what now? I have other lessons in My Path but as a
complete beginner I want to experience myself to one particular
language before learning multiple languages. But yet after
finishing the Java lessons I still wasn’t quiet sure where or what
to do to actually start making small programs.

This is the point I was getting to. I linked up with other users
who are learning Java around the forum so we can pretty much
lean & learn off one another through this process. Anyways, a
friend recommended me a book to start reading, “Learn Java The
Hard Way”. The book cost about $13, $20 for Book, Tutorials, &
Answers. But the website gives you a free pdf sample and it contains
16 Chapters of basically everything that is taught in these Lessons
but also how to start creating you’re own small programs. It’s always
easier to learn by doing, so after you have complete these Java
lessons you will be somewhat already experienced at what you
are going into next. Hopes this helps the beginners out like me
who are thinking of taking Java on as a first language, thanks!

I had a book to give you but i found out later it was copyrigted. It was the best Java Book ever! It went through all of this with details and exercice, GUI Java Development, File Systems, and much more! Ill send you another books link whitch isnt as great but still awesome :smile:

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Okay thanks amanuel2, that would be greatly appreciated!

Here is it! Hope you like it! It has all languages through it! So you can take any path(* AHEM * Objective C * AHEM *) :smile:


Oh yeah, Definitely bookmarked! :grin:

Recommend you read this one…