My images do not show up in my 2 projects (fashion and NYC)

Hi i have the same code but my images still wont appear. I compared mine with the solution and its the same thing. i dont understand why the images and the videos aren’t working. aren’t showing up in the NYC blog, fashion blog and
Everytime i compared my answers to the solutions it was the same so i don’t understand what’s wrong :confused:


I hope you have managed to figure out what the error may be. If not I would recommend watching the project walkthrough.

Double-check to see if there is anything missing in your code. If the code is still not working, you can reply with the code you have been using to see if we can notice what the error may be.

Can you post your code in or just the snippets where you are linking to the images?
If you use the solution code do the images show up?

If that still isn’t working, it may be nothing to do with the code itself but a browser or connection issue?

yea i tried it said i cant since this is my first time here or something :confused:

it said to post the links which i did :smiley: