My header is green. why does it not recognize that?!



What am I doing wrong?


Rewrite your code like this <h1 style = "color: green; font-size: 16px">

And also don't write <p><p style = "...">, the correct way should be <p style = "...">, the same goes for any html elements.


style is an attribute which you can add to a opening tag, so the moment you have a paragraph:

<p>i am a paragraph</p>

you can just add the style attribute to the opening tag:

<p style="">i am a paragraph</p>

in the same fashion you can add the style attribute to a heading (h1, h2 .. h6) opening tag. No need to create additional opening tags


I saw a random h2 somewhere next to the h1


You put this code remember to review{


whats the h2 for


quick heads up! I was stuck on this for ages because it would not pick up my colours! you must spell colour like this! COLOR you have to spell it the american way!! ;D



header is already green see the output but what do you want i dont understand