My goals and aspirations


Hi - I’m Niamh and I’m a primary school teacher. I’ve been teaching for 14 years. Previous to my teaching career I used to be a technical writer. I’ve always had a love for technology and in the last 14 years since I left the IT world I’ve tried to keep updating my IT skills.
This year I want to up skill and learn some new coding languages. To date I have some knowledge of HTML, have read up a little on CSS and Javascript, and I did C++ in college.
My goal would be to learn enough to set up a side line business creating websites and ultimately I’d like to retire early from teaching, and spend my retirement moving to somewhere warm and sitting out in the sun everyday with my laptop, creating websites.
I’ve heard good things about Codecademy so I’m looking forward to getting started and learning new things.


Thats amazing!! I can see you now… sunbathing in the Bahamas sippin tea and writin code… If you promise not to give up I wont either, deal??? :grin: