My GitHub pages... why aren't they showing?

 My GitHub is  I tried to publish a little Codecademy mockup exercise, but it doesn't show!  Help? 

  Love, Linda in California with 2 tuxedo cats and 20% through FSE

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Hi @lindajoyfulcoder, your GitHub pages are not showing at all ? Usually if you want to publish your repo on your Github page, you just have to go to that repo, into the settings, then click on Pages on your left.
After that you will the Source where you have to set your branch as Master then your directory should the the root directory, then click save.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 11.07.38

After that Github will automatically deploy your website, and notify you when its ready, the link should look like that :

Hope that helps, happy coding !

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Thank you! Problem solved! Now, to get my pic to display! Gotta clone my Git repository.

Love, Linda in Mount Shasta, CA


the correct link is … it’s a Work in Progress…

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