My GDP project–analysis/blob/main/life_expectancy_gdp.ipynb

You need to set your repo to public. It’s currently set to private.

Can you please help me with how to do it? Thank you

Go into the repo > Settings> Change repository visibility.

Change it from Private to Public.

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Thank you. Done. Now it is public

Congrats on completing the project. :partying_face:

Some thoughts:

  • You seem to have a solid grasp of maneuvering around the data set.

  • The notebook is well laid out and tells a story of the data. Your goals are clearly defined and your conclusion is well summed up. Someone who isn’t familiar with the data set can follow along in the analysis.

  • You could use the plt.figure(figsize=()) to make some of your smaller graphs a bit larger.

  • If you wanted to switch up the colors of the plots, you can use sns.set_palette(blah'')
    I can never remember all the color palettes, so I just insert a word and that forces an error and you can see all the options.
    ex: ValueError: 'blah' is not a valid value for name; supported values are 'Accent', 'Accent_r', 'Blues', 'Blues_r', 'BrBG', 'BrBG_r', 'BuGn', 'BuGn_r', 'BuPu', 'BuPu_r', 'CMRmap', 'CMRmap_r', 'Dark2', 'Dark2_r', 'GnBu', 'GnBu_r', 'Greens', 'Greens_r', 'Greys', 'Greys_r', ...

  • I would be very mindful of using dated terminology like “developed countries” and “developing countries”. The World Bank nixed using such terms back in 2016. I know it was an honest mistake. But data analysts, scientists, and researchers should always have neutral language and terms in their analysis so as to not show any bias. I guess I am always overly- conscious of that b/c of my sociology background.

Also see here and here.

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I greatly appreciate your feedback! This is so much help to me as a starting in DS. I will definitely take note of the points mentioned and come back to them.

Thank you

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