My GameBook - Pirates, check it out and see what you think!


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to post my JavaScript final project on here to get some feedback. I ended up getting quite carried away and built a bit more than the specification asked for, but I've really enjoyed doing it. So here it is. Have a go and please let me know if you do or don't enjoy it (and why). Oh yeah and if you find any bugs, please let me know!

zincideas is my website that I made for my final HTML project (still tweaking it to get it just right). You can access my game by clicking on the title 'Pirates' found at the link.




Problem with capitalization, I had to type answer only in Lower Case, to continue, so it would be great to add .toLowerCase() for input.



Cool, thanks very much. I've fixed that problem with .toLowerCase() as suggested. The text that the user inputs is sent to the 'display' function as typed but is sent to the 'interact' function lowercase.

I also implemented the following code to capitalise the first letter of your name.

var capitalise = function(str) {
    return str.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + str.slice(1);

Which I ever so slightly altered from this stackoverflow thread

Thanks again!



I can type what i want get every time

Polly wanna cracker! Polly wanna cracker! SQUWAAAKK

and we dont can scroll down


Oops! You're absolutely correct. I patched something that a friend pointed out and didn't revert some of the changes I had made before uploading one of the files to the server. Thanks! I've looked and it should be working ok now.

As for not being able to scroll, I've intentionally made it that way so that you've got to remember stuff as you make your way through the adventure.

Thanks for your feedback,



I didn't finish bro i just got frustrated , the Font/Text is uncomfortable and if you insist to continue i would suggest enlarging it a few pixels ,also as pointed out before the inability to scroll and read over the script is frustraiting and i would suggest to mabey alert "what the bird" said or more "clearer instructions" after the user has entered the incorrect command a couple of times

With that said i would like to say well done if your a beginner like myself :slight_smile:


font is tough to read but really cool layout with the textbox printing on a scroll that looks like a pirate's treasure map.


Great game, but the Font is non-readable for me!! :frowning:


Really cool game, I really enjoyed playing it. Can you please let me know how you make the text scroll down on the page?
I am creating a game and thought this would be great idea.