My function looks right to me, but I keep getting an error message



Well, it's telling you to use "return" instead of "console.log" so try changing the console.log statement into a return statement and see if that fixes you code.


Thank you, it worked. I guess i was just confused because of the wording on 05.


then why 25 is not printed twice when return is not used

Note return not used.


Guess the point is that it needs to be only price*5 without any additional stuff. Depending on how a function is used it makes sense to just use the value or give more informations, as it is a user output here it would make sense to give more detailed information what you're dealing with, so keep this up. BUT as said in this case the test function is rather strict about it just being a value. The test function is most likely as well the reason why it is printed twice.