My Front-end Personal Portfolio

I enjoyed building this project, it was the first project that I felt more comfortable in the drivers seat and where I felt like I was building something useful, with more time and a few updates this site may be the one that gets me a job in the future…
I used HTML, CSS and some basic Javascript to build my page.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts! My Portfolio


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Hi. This is a nice webpage, well done.

I saw, you have the BBC project listed twice. I didn’t understand the difference. They seem the same.
I think you could also use the netlify forms. It’s easy to set them up.

Hey thanks for your comment!

Yeah I should have mentioned this in the description, the BBC project is listed twice just as an example of how it would look with multiple projects. I need to get onto some more personal projects :smile:

Cool thanks for the tip I will check out Netlify forms!

Hello. Nice website! Small nitpick but “emmerced” should be spelled “immersed.”


Hey that’s a nice webpage and can I ask you something.

How did you do to show the about section first when it is loaded.
Can you explain me pls

Hey thanks for pointing that out as that was not actually my intentions, I guess when i copied the link i was in the about me section. So it had #aboutme in the web address.
If you remove that it will load directly to the top of the page.

Thanks for that!! fixed :slight_smile: