My Front-end Personal Portfolio

I enjoyed building this project, it was the first project that I felt more comfortable in the drivers seat and where I felt like I was building something useful, with more time and a few updates this site may be the one that gets me a job in the future…
I used HTML, CSS and some basic Javascript to build my page.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts! My Portfolio


Hi. This is a nice webpage, well done.

I saw, you have the BBC project listed twice. I didn’t understand the difference. They seem the same.
I think you could also use the netlify forms. It’s easy to set them up.

Hey thanks for your comment!

Yeah I should have mentioned this in the description, the BBC project is listed twice just as an example of how it would look with multiple projects. I need to get onto some more personal projects :smile:

Cool thanks for the tip I will check out Netlify forms!

Hello. Nice website! Small nitpick but “emmerced” should be spelled “immersed.”