My first website and SEO


Hello, I have created my first website with the help of Codecademy and have managed to host it on the internet. Sadly, its not discover-able via a google search. I think I need SEO but not sure how to go about it? I looked up some keywords online and added a couple into my text. I also added some html code for meta data in the header. Finally I submitted the url to google. Still my site isn’t discover-able. Can anyone help?

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Registered on: 24-Apr-2018

The chance that there are a significant number of inbound links (that aren’t spam) to be noticed is very slim in such a short duration. Of the hundreds of ranking criteria, inbound links is quite high on the list, especially if they are natural. That takes time, and in the case of a static brochure site, a long time.

Being crawled and indexed, or at least crawled by now would be fair to assume, albeit with the proviso that nothing is certain. A search of your domain name did not bring up a result, but there is a serp of competing sites.

Perhaps the link in your profile will be followed by one of the many bots that crawl this site constantly and get into an index.

As SEO goes, the list is long of the many concerns and assertions. Everything traces back to W3C. Valid document markup, valid style sheets, accessible content and screen elements, responsive design, typesetting, and page layout, etc.

Bottom line, you don’t want the search engines to frown upon your site when they do find it. If there are issues the site could be bumped to a human review queue that would take time. If you are google webmaster registered your dashboard will contain information, messages and alerts. I would give W3C a go first and make sure your site conforms to basic recommendations and standards.


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