My first React project

Hi guys,

So finally I finished a react project for a friend. I used all the skills I learned on codecademy plus tons of googling.

Here is the link:

I used Instagram API, mailchimp API for newsletter, nodejs express for backend (which handles all the api calls plus send emails using nodemailer npm), Wordpress API for content management so client can update blog recipe and food pages.

I haven’t given the access to my firend that is why the blog, recipe and food pages are not updated yet.

I deployed it on a vps using LEMP stack.

Here are the links to the source coude:
Front-end: GitHub - starchcode/gingerblondiebakery: a react project for a client
Back-end: GitHub - starchcode/gingerblondiebackend

Feel free to ask any questions or give me your opinions.