My First Project! | A Random Website Generator with a twist!

The Desktop | A “WindowsXP” Experience

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This is my first official project combining all three elements of what I have learned so far (~8 months 3 days/week). I am currently 51% through the Front End Engineer portion of said career path and decided to finally pull the trigger on an idea I had. I am a fan of nostalgia and the older days of browsing the internet and this project is my attempt at a replication of that!

Please feel free to contribute to this repo with any changes that can help improve this project! The in the repo explains more in-depth features I want to implement or improve upon, as well as current issues I have been having. Also, please feel free to reach out I am always looking for fellow developers to expand my knowledge!


That screensaver is so nostalgic. It stirred up some feels in me.

Fantastic work. I especially love the yahoo messenger simulator! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awesome , it reminds me of when i was a kiddo messing around the computer windows xp and ME. nice simulation, every should write a msg on that old school messenger


check out this project you could find some useful inspiration and resources in building features