My First Portolio

Hi, I just finish the mixed messages portfolio project. And I would be very happy if you can give me feedback to what I did on the code and on GitHub. I would really appreciate it!
This it the link to my repo:GItHub repo


I’m going to be very critical, as I want you to succeed, and I want to see you thrive, so take these suggestions baring that in mind:

  1. Capitalize the “Me” in the “About me” navigation menu item.

  2. Remove future from your Software & Web Developer. You have enough experience to showcase your sample projects and you’ve created a portfolio website. You are both of those things. Be confident :slight_smile:

  3. Remove linking to your girlfriend’s Facebook account. That’s irrelevant to what you’re trying to achieve. An employer is going to want to hire you for your skill set, not because of who you’re in a relationship with.

  4. Proofread the grammar of the entire page. There’s broken English and grammar mistakes throughout. English may not be your native language…which is fine! But use an online tool that checks for grammar and follow the suggestions it gives.

  5. You showcase your projects, but I have no way of accessing a live version of each project or the code behind the project.

  6. The left and right arrows disappear on the number guesser project because it blends in with the white background.

Good job on putting your project out there. Keep up the great work and always strive to be better. :heart:

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Thank you @ThatTyGuy I really appreciate it! I will try to improve my grammar and design. Thanks for this feedback It made me realize my shortcomings and mistakes next time I’ll try my best to avoid this kind of mistake.

As long as you’re making progress, you can’t fail. Keep up the great work my friend.

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