My first portfolio website

Hello everyone!

I started learning how to code around 3 months ago and I am currently doing the Full Stack Career path here on Codecademy, as well as doing some random stuff on the side to practice. I have finally made my own portfolio website with a couple of my first projects made with just HTML, CSS/SASS and some of them with JavaScript.
Granted, it is not the highest quality by far, but I was just curious if someone has any feedback on what is good and what is bad. Or maybe very bad :slight_smile: Any feedback is welcome! I always feel that I learn too slow, so maybe some of you could point me on something I could improve!
Here’s the link to my website:


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Learning slow or fast does not matter in my eyes, what matters is that you are learning, when we as people stop learning we stop evolving. That you are giving any amount to become a better version of yourself, i can only respect!

1 i love your website, nice pictures and structure, good color palate, nice design and cool effects!

now what do i think you can improve on, everything and nothing. Meaning i love your website, it’s a bit on the simple side(but in a good way). But i also think you can challenge yourself, google others peoples portfolios, watch youtubers react to other peoples portfolio, Don’t get dishearted if you find something you think is better than yours! go to the website and inspect it, look at what you like, that makes you think that it’s better than yours and find a way to make it your own. (meaning do not steal, but improve and add) maybe it’s a cool effect you like, maybe it’s the layout, maybe it’s the colors. What ever you do, do not stop improving!

you have a nice website and I’m very new to programming, so i can’t help you improve on your actual website. But i do have consumer experience, so I hope you don’t devalidate what i have said.

i hope you continue to learn and become a master at web development.

English is not my first language, sorry if this has been one big mess of a text bubble!

Have a great day! -N

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Wow! Thank you so much for taking your time with writing your reply! I really appreciate it! And I am happy that you like my website, simplistic as it is.
I will definitely continue to do my best to get better every day, and actually before you replied I went on google again and started browsing other people’s websites. Great inspiration every time! Though a lot of that stuff I am not able to produce myself yet.
Hope your programming journey is fruitful as well!
Thanks again for reviewing my stuff!

Your English is great, don’t worry about it!


The website looks fantastic, no feedback is needed, sometimes you just need to enjoy your progress. I am really impressed given you are only doing it three months. (I too am learning, currently half way through Build a Website with HTML, CSS & Github Pages skill path).

Hopefully I can make something like you soon!

Kind Regards

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Thank you so much!
You are very correct about enjoying the process. It is impossible to become very good at anything if you don’t like it.
I hope you always find motivation yourself!
Let me know when you make a website of your own, would be happy to check it out as well.
Good luck with your coding!


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