My first Portfolio Project - Medical Insurance

Hello everybody.

I am quite a newbie in Programming, in general, but I am giving a shoot to learn day by day best skill that met data analytics. I have a master in biology, unfortunately not working as it, so my goal is to master Python (later maybe R) and find some job in the study field or just complety move to another field and get job as Junior DataAnalysis.

This project motivated me to try implementing as much as I’ve learned on Codecademy so far. Although I didn’t use classes and functions, as other (for me, still a bit complicated code logic), though relied on using Pandas library. It seemed to me that in this project, we have the option to choose the way we reach the result, so I choose the “easier one”.

I am currently on 60% done, Data Scientist:Analytics Carer Path. I have been working on the project for the last two days

First this I am uploding my code, so I hope I did it well: