My first portfolio project- feedback wanted

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my first attempt at a portfolio project. I have completed this project in about 4 hours and just wanted to know if there were things I can do better so my code is more useable and readable for other users. I did everything in Jupyter Notebook and tried to upload it on GitHub so its accesible for everyone.

In this project, I focused on data related to smokers and non-smokers. I checked what the difference in costs were and if there are areas with more smokers than other areas. Also, if people who have children tend to stop smoking or not.

Here’s the link:

Thank you!!

Welcome to the forums and thank you for posting your project!

Seems like you have a solid understanding of how to create classes and define functions & move around in the data. Your use of comments is a good idea too.
It might be beneficial to break up the code into different cells and add some text cells that describe your thought processes to the average reader. It might also be a good idea to print out the first several lines of the dataset (at the top) so one can get an idea of what it generally looks like with the rows/columns too.
Was the percentage of ppl who smoked w/children by region or just overall?

Good work! :partying_face: