My first js project: a twitter bot anyone can use - thank you codecademy ❤️

Hi everyone!

i’m an illustrator by trade but coding has always been a hobby of mine. for years, i only had a grasp on html and css but i really wanted to take things to the next level and finally told myself to make time for codecademy!

i didn’t think anything would come of learning javascript until i remembered a twitter bot engine made in a google spreadsheet. the intent was to make the creation of twitter bots more accessible but i found it lacking in a couple places:

  • the existing code was so messy!
  • the markov chain output often spat out one word tweets. not exactly what i’d consider a chain…
  • this would be more than “a couple” but a lot of people were having problems connecting to twitter with the sheet and the original creator just didn’t… help anyone anymore

i mostly only knew friends who loved markov chain twitter bots so i ended up with anyone can ebooks!! my goal was to implement a different and better pseudo-markov algorithm, make bots be able to reply, make the creation of an “_ebooks” bot accessible to anyone regardless of programming ability.

this was my first project after completing a codecademy lesson on javascript! not having a library to work with was, um, interesting but the puzzle pieces fell into place in the end! thank you codecademy for making code accessible!!!

PS: can’t wait to move my own twitter bot over to nodejs/heroku, which i wouldn’t be able to understand without codecademy. :>

Hey Almondette, this is really cool! I dare say it may be a good project for us to feature in an upcoming newsletter - what do you think? :slight_smile:


oh gosh, that would be so neat–and an honor!

Can’t wait to see the results! :grinning: