My first ever coding project ! US medical insurance - Feedback is welcomed

Hello everyone !

I hope you’re doing fine :smiley:

I just finished my first every coding project. You guys can see it here !

The hardest part about the project was to actually know what to do. I was a bit lost in the beginning as we learned a lot and wasn’t really sure where to start. After that hassle, the rest was much easier.

I basically focused on the previously learned lesson, so there isn’t any fancy use of panda or matplotlib.

In terms of time spent on the project, I took a few days to think about what do (especially because I am in the middle of my exams) and in terms of actually coding, that must have been something like a whole evening.

I would highly appreciate any feedback on this first project because I am sure that I did a lot of unnecessary coding.

Thank you so much for the help :smile:

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I really liked how you broke down the different steps and presented the data you analyzed at the end. You inspired me to adjust how I output the results of my code. It seems as though there might be an opportunity to reduce the overall lines of code, but the actual analysis is solid.

Great work!

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