My first deployed APP - please review :)


After i finished CC Rails course i started working on my personal project, here is my minimum viable product: MY APP.
This is a word finder for scrabble-like games. This is Polish version only so far - but please review it anyway! :slight_smile: . Here is the code: - I'm willing to take any advice regarding rails/css/javascript or future features.
Type in letters from your rack, '?' stand for blank tiles(max. 2!). Some tiles that don't occur in polish dictionary are forbidden: x, q etc.
Press 'Szukaj'
You can sort the output: "Najdłuższe" stands for longest words and "Najlepiej punktowane" stand for best scored.
You can click on a word to read go to external source to read what it means. (still in polish though)
-Ruby on Rails(including html, css, javascript)
-Trie data structure - for storing dictionary to search from.
I learned that I'm not a designer :smiley:
I learned a lot about data structures, search algorithms, css media queries (app works quite nicely on mobile too!), some javascript along with jquery, some aspects of Rails.
I also learned that Rails was on overkill for this type of project - it's a very big framework and i could've easily go with something lighter.
Efficient search for words is not an easy task - I hope that in the future i can go back to this project and make the search faster :).

Any opinions on the code or anything would be appreciated.

Special thanks to @ionatan for helping me understand some tough concepts.