My first Data Scientist Career Path Project - US Medicine Insurance Cost

Hello everyone :smiley:

I’m Jem. I’m new to coding and since this is my first project in Data Scientist career path.
It would be grateful if you could give some feedback for me to practice and improve.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forums!

It seems like you have a good understanding of the data and how to maneuver around it to analyze it. Pandas is great, isn’t it? (I love it). :panda_face:

Some thoughts:

  • It’s very helpful that you included text cells & comments that explained your thought processes and what you were doing with your code. It makes it easier for anyone reading the file to see what you’re doing.

  • Perhaps at the end of the analysis you can write up a brief explanation of all your findings, sort of a ‘Conclusions’ part of the analysis.(?)

  • In the cell where you do the Pearson Correlation, maybe write a sentence explaining what that is for everyone and why you’re using it(?) Your audience might not always be technical, so, it’s good habit to be able to explain things to both technical & non-technical audiences. (Something like, ‘the range is between -1 and 1 and any value that’s 0 indicates no relationship between the variables and any value that’s greater than 0 indicates a positive relationship.’ Or however you want to word it.) :slight_smile:

How’d you feel while doing this project? Were there other things that you’d investigate further? (I mean, do you think you’d re-visit this data set)

Good work! :partying_face:

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