My First Course

Hey I’m new to Codecademy and I want to start my first course with learning HTML. Is there any harm in starting the course not being a Pro member and paying for membership mid course? I currently don’t want to throw in $200 dollars without starting the course, but I also want to have access to the quizzes and projects. Thank you for your time and any advice will be useful.


there are 3 tiers:

pro intensive

the HTML course (and CSS course) are free, the freeform projects and quizzes are pro subscription ($20 a month), and pro intensive is the $200 you mention, but doesn’t seem related to your question.

Yea, you can just use the free content if that is your wish

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To add on to @stetim94’s response:

Codecademy’s basic courses are all free. With these, you can learn to code. Simple. You don’t need anything else to learn this stuff.

Codecademy Pro is $20USD per month, and it (generally) helps you learn faster and better (not more) than the free version, by giving you access to extra reading resources, quizzes, projects and advisors.

Codecademy Pro Intensive is a one-off payment of $200 (ish, I haven’t checked recently). It is a much more in-depth course, and you will learn more than you would with Codecademy or Pro, and at a much faster pace. This is a lot more advanced than the other two cheaper tiers, and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

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