My first Codecademy contribution!

So while I have coding experience from a past life, I’ve been getting back into it with Codecademy. This was a nice project to pull together lots of different stuff, including using git, probably the most foreign part of the whole thing to me.

The project was nice, albeit a bit basic. But in the interest of getting through the course as fast as possible, I’ll leave it like this for now. I made a horoscope generator which randomises the theme, zodiac sign, and the reading (grouped by possible themes). It didn’t take very long, maybe 30 minutes, but my commits don’t reflect a real timeline since I had to redo the file structure to separate my private Codecademy projects from my public ones and couldn’t figure out how to spin off the code (with all the original commits) as a separate repo.

Here’s the link to the github, hope you enjoy! CodecademyPublic/HoroscopeGenerator at master · anthonymarini/CodecademyPublic · GitHub


Hey, good job. I like how you made your arrays consts before assigning them to an object.

The only tiny thing I would improve is to remove any unused variables from your code, namely that [str =’’;] variable since you’re not using it for anything.

Good call! It is just a straggler left over from when I pivoted from my original strategy… Github updated.

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