My first big project after codecademy!

Greetings everyone!
So after finishing codecademy web development pro path I decided to make a portfolio website and a project that would challenge me and would be something useful. So I made cardrea which is a flashcard creation tool. The website was made with react, express and node.
Thanks to codecademy web pro path I got to learn these frameworks and have a firm ground on where to start working.
The site is not totally finished and there’s a lot to be done.
I would really like to know your suggestions and opinions.
Thanks guys


Really nice! Is it compatible with Anki and other flash card softwares? i.e. is it exportable?

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Thank you.
To answer your question I’ll have to say no. I’m still refactoring and optimizing bits of the code since this was my first project I was a bit lost sometimes and learning has I go so now that I have a deeper understanding I’ve started to see lots of things that could be better.
I’m also still waiting on peoples feedback to elaborate more on the app since this is a personal project and it is suppose to be a study case for me. Anyway if more people find the website useful and enough start to use it I’ll have to put more features. :smiley:
Thanks again for your review.

wow! super impressive!

That’s awesome how you have gotten that far!

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Thank you ! :smiley:

That’s incredible! Good job!!

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soooooooo cool and great job

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That’s a good job bro. keep going