My Finished Capstone: Colmar Academy

I decided to take on a couple Summer courses at my college, and I didn’t realize how much work I was putting on myself! Needless to say, it took me about a month to finish this product, but it was still lots of fun!

The project specs on Codecademy can be found here:

My GitHub for viewing code can be found here: GitHub - Student31CS/colmar-academy

And, the GitHub Pages, where the website can be viewed: Colmar Academy

Overall, I think the project went pretty well. Over the process, I got a clearer understanding of the differences between margin and padding. I’m not exactly sure if I did my media queries in the correct/most efficient ways, but it seems to accomplish what the wireframe was asking for. A few of the problems I came across was finding the same fonts and the same colors to match the wireframe. I’m sure if I spent more time looking at fonts and playing around with colors, I could have matched them. But, I am a college student and time is of the essence right now :stuck_out_tongue:. If anybody as some constructive feedback for me, please throw it my way!

Thank you,