My Final Python Project


This program basically takes lyrics from three different songs and uses markov chains to generate a verse influenced by all three songs. It's super basic and I still to add some finishing touches to make it pretty, like outputting the verse somewhere blah blah. Had a lot of help from the codeacademy admins thanks so much guys! Would appreciate any feedback!

p.s. Not sure how this formatting works haha.

#fetch data from url then write to file

def get_data(lyrics1, lyrics2, lyrics3):

	import urllib2

	response1 = urllib2.urlopen(lyrics1) 
	response2 = urllib2.urlopen(lyrics2) 
	response3 = urllib2.urlopen(lyrics3)

	html1 =
	html2 =
	html3 =

	from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

	soup1 = BeautifulSoup(html1, 'html.parser').get_text()
	soup2 = BeautifulSoup(html2, 'html.parser').get_text()
	soup3 = BeautifulSoup(html3, 'html.parser').get_text()

	final = soup1 + soup2 + soup3

	return final

#runs project and outputs text
import fetch_data
from markov_python.cc_markov import MarkovChain

lyrics1 = raw_input("Input link to lyrics: ")
lyrics2 = raw_input("Input link to lyrics: ")
lyrics3 = raw_input("Input link to lyrics: ")

mc = MarkovChain()

mc.add_string(fetch_data.get_data(lyrics1, lyrics2, lyrics3))

print mc.generate_text()