My Final Project! Feedback is much needed please! (P.S the content is gibberish, mainly concerned with the coding behind it i.e. structure and design)


Hi there, 
This is the first website Ive created, I tried using what Ive learnt from this course. Feedback is much needed please! 

P.S This content on the website is gibberish, Ive still yet to add my own content in and fill in the placeholders


Hope you're still watching this post :slight_smile:

Love the site, really it's one of the best I've seen on here!

Few points to think about from a design point of view:

  • Landing page doesn't fill the screen height 100%.
  • Font needs to be consistent across all pages, seems to vary.
  • Footer hovers mid page rather than right at the bottom.
  • Images are slow loading, consider using lower quality images or hosting them somewhere else.
  • You don't have a footer on the home page, I would keep it consistent throughout the site.
  • Your footer says "contact me" but isn't clickable.
  • And on an unimportant note your copyright notice sasy "Portfolio", normally it is your name or a company name.

But great site overall, hope to see it evolve and improve.