My final javaScript project


Hello, i finished my javaSctipt final project (the GameBook).
It was my first scripting experience ever.
The basic problems i had was creating the command line that taking user's input (instead of prompt).
The second problem is to use MVC, i didn't get how to separate the script to different files.(when i tried, i got error: "functions is missing").

Basically, i had ideas and successfully implemented it in the project.
Here is the link:
What do you think?


Dude, your site "has been reported as harmful." Can you explain this?


Site is blocked for phishing.

Maybe you should upload your game on other space


Where do you see that it is blocked? I'm opening it just normal. Tried from 2 computers and from the phone.

I uploaded the project to the free hosting.. This hosting was the only option i found for fast making a site.


Could it be that you didnt use a security solution?

We use here sophos and i would say @papusalaatti use a different security solution too.

This doesnt mean that you share malware or something.
I think your hoster is free and some other guys do bad things there.


This is a big free hosting that also gives 3rd level domain name so i didn't use any security solution(even don't really understand what it means).
To let this project be on air with this hosting, took something like 5 mins. That is the reason i choosed it. It was the only option that i found to upload my project without spending hours to understand how works the service(like repo for example).
For me it works normaly, i dont get any blocks or something like this, i have tried to open it from different computers and from the phone.
Anyway if you can recommend any other option for easy uploading the project i will be very thankfull for it, becouse i dont want to assosiate my next projects with phishing. And also i want that every one would be able to open it without any issues or suspicion.

p.s Got the meaning of your question. :slight_smile:
I'm using avg security on my machine.


Personally i dont use FreeHosting,
maybe you can ask that in the community space here.