My final javaScript project, The Star Wars - gameBook(on JSfiddle)


Hello, i finished my javaSctipt final project (the GameBook).
It was my first scripting experience ever.
The basic problems i had was creating the command line that taking user's input (instead of prompt).
The second problem is to use MVC, i didn't get how to separate the script to different files.(when i tried, i got error: "functions is missing").

Basically, i had ideas and successfully implemented it in the project.
Here is the link:
What do you think?


Great. I <3 it. 5 stars.


Thank you, the first one who commented my first project :slight_smile:


Isn't it the best one here so far? It looks and works really good. Amazing job for a first project mate!


Oh, thank you so much.
When i created it, i was motivated by aim to 'heal the bridge' with my best friend. He is a big fan of Star Wars - thats why i choosed that theme. The main ingame characters are prototypes of us and the main idea of the game is to pass it and to keep the friendship between those characters(but for now i left this project as a demo version). Thinking of remaking it as a 2d platformer as a second project )).
A story, that nobody asked to read )))


Quite some time ago since you made this game, but I am having trouble with the command line for the user’s input as well. Maybe you could help me explain how you fixed the problem? :slight_smile: