My final htmlcss project


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Looks okay…

Try making the colors a LITTLE less vibrant? A little hard on the eyes…

Your navbar has boxes around each link, which don’t fit in all too well with the white background of the navbar.

On your projects page, the images for each project extend outside of the div. Make sure to constrain them inside.

Nicely done.

Thanks for the feedback!

I noticed that the colors look different depending on the browser. It’s definitely something I need to work out.

Regarding my project page I noticed the same thing about the div, but thought it made each img “stand out”.

Great comment :slight_smile:

The colours are a bit intense, especially on the path page, especially the green. I think the red-orange nav works, but in some cases white or a very very light grey would be better.

You should read about flat design (or material design). There’s certain aspects of flat design which could improve your design, and it’s good to have some knowledge of flat design if you’re a full stack developer.

I noticed the caching doesn’t have an expiry set. This is relatively minor, but it made me think - if you’ve never used .htaccess files and you’re interested in learning the basics, setting when the caching expires could be a good chance to see what it does. There’s some code under ‘Browser caching for .htaccess’ which you can basically copy into the .htaccess file for the site (assuming you can access it):

However you may want to read this first:


Looks pretty good :grin:

they’re right about it being a bit bright, haha, but to each their own.
on the project page the project pictures didn’t seem to line up properly with the orange container. did you use bootstrap? I recently watched a vid about how your page should be mobile view friendly before PC, because everyone uses phones a lot more to do searches. Just a suggestion to look at the page on your phone and fixing it.

over all, it looks awesome!